Horacio “Chicho” Clare

Alias…. Mr. Popper

Everything started about 45 years ago, in a tiny lake in Panama called Lago Las Cumbres. My grandfather, George, who we called “Tito”, used to own a house by that lake.

Every two months or so, we used to gather at the lake house for a family outing. It was in this lake where my fishing skills began. With only just a bamboo poll, a line and a hook, we used to catch small Peacock bass in great quantities but always putting them back into the lake as my grandpa always taught us to “catch and release”.

I guess those were the first steps on becoming the fishing addict that I am today. At 50 years of age, I have been all over the world and in the wildest places that I can recall.

From fishing in a small pond in the city, to going in the middle of the Amazon Jungle and a small river outside the city to the Middle of the Pacific Ocean fishing for a GRANDER.

In these 45 years in the water, I’ve been granted the opportunity to catch and release some of the world toughest contenders.

The mighty Black and Blue Marlin, the amazing Tarpon, the fabulous Yellow Fin Tuna, the Terror of the Tropics the Peacock Bass, the Devil Fish Payara, the strong Alligator Gar, the famous Dorado in Argentina and up to the weirdest Alligator Snapping Turtle in the South of the United States of America.  

God has giving me the chance and privilege of becoming a World Record Holder and to be featured in many TV shows all around the world.

Magazine covers have also been a big part of my life. But more importantly, winning almost every major fishing tournament on fresh and salt water has also giving me memories to share for many years to come.

I can only hope that my experiences can be passed to the younger generations for them to continue this amazing journey that I started 45 years ago.

La Familia y La Pesca

Familia y pesca, 2 palabras muy interesantes. Una da sentido de estabilidad y amor, la otra da sentido de placer y diversión.

Bueno para mi son las 2 muy parecidas. El sentido de estabilidad y pertenencia te las dan las 2.

La pesca es como un partido político, cuando te gusta es como una adicción, para siempre. Las amistades y vivencias que te dan la pesca es una casi como lo que la familia te da al crecer.

La familia como la describe un diccionario es un Grupo de personas formado por una pareja que mantienen una idea en común.

Esto es exactamente la Pesca. Nosotros, los obsesionados con este deporte o actividad somos una Familia a donde no discriminamos raza, nivel social, política o religión.

Aquí todos somos iguales y lo único que todos tenemos en común es poder decir en algún momento “El mío es mas grande que el tuyo“ jajajajaja. Pero es cierto, aunque algún pescador lo niegue.

Yo quisiera terminar diciendo que la pesca es una gran familia y que la familia no solo es una pareja, si no un gran gremio de pescadores hombres, mujeres y niños buscando un solo fin en común. Una experiencia la cual poder compartir.

Chicho Clare Fishing

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